2017 Classic Auto Show

Thank you to the winners, participants and sponsors of the 2017 Spirit of Midwest “Rides for Guides” Classic Auto Show held Sunday, September 17, 2017 at IAM District 837 in Hazelwood, MO.


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2017 Spirit of Midwest “Rides for Guides” Classic Auto Show

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Best of Show
Steve McDerman

People’s Choice
Charlie McCallister

Stock through 1959
1st Place – Forrest Allen
2nd Place – Elaine Pratt
3rd Place – James Witherspoon

Stock 1960 – 1973
1st Place – Ron Kramer
2nd Place – Jake Turnispeed
3rd Place – Steve Hendricks

Stock 1974 – 1989
1st Place – Dave Baugh
(No 2nd or 3rd Place)

Stock 1990 – 2008
1st Place – Lou Bewig
2nd Place – Terry Koch
3rd Place – Ken and Sharon Farrar

Stock Trucks through 2008
1st Place – Bill Dettleff
(No 2nd or 3rd Place)

Factory Muscle Cars through 1973
1st Place – Bill Bauer
2nd Place – Dennis and Deb McBee
(No 3rd Place)

1st Place – Steve McDerman
2nd Place – Rich Johnson
3rd Place – Adrian Sweetwood

Custom Trucks through 2008
1st Place – Burt Pennington
2nd Place – Joe Schiermann
(No 3rd Place)

Mini Trucks through 2008
1st Place – Rick Lay
(No 2nd or 3rd Place)

Custom Cars through 2008
1st Place – Mike Lloyd
2nd Place – Joe Lewis
3rd Place – John Sullivan

Street Rods through 1948
1st Place – Shelby Harris
2nd Place – Sue Hahn
3rd Place – Dan Hahn

Street Machines through 1973
1st Place – David Cooke
2nd Place – Jim Lind, Sr.
3rd Place – Wes and Zora Doolittle

Street Machines 1974 – 2008
1st Place – Mark Carey
2nd Place – George Herwig
(No 3rd Place)

Pro Street through 2008
1st Place – Fred Willers
(No 2nd or 3rd Place)

Special Interest through 2008
1st Place – Jerry and Linda Kuhlman
2nd Place – Terry Wilder
(No 3rd Place)

All Vehicles newer than 2008
1st Place – Mike Valentine,
2nd Place – Sharon and Jim Richardson
3rd Place – Adrian Sweetwood