2014 “Rides for Guides” Sponsors

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their generous donations to this worthy cause.

Special Thanks
The Boeing Company

Mr. & Mrs. George Crider
Ms. Syl Biermann
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Doolittle
Mr. Kyle McIntyre
Mr. Lee Hedrick
Mr. David Klaus
Mr. Terry Koch
Mr. Roman Olivio
Mr. Burt Pennington
Mr. Joe Schiermann
Mr. John Spencer
Mr. Paul Winslow
Ms. Latania Jantosik
Ms. Cyndy Pitsinger
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Schneider
Union Financial
Dr. Kevin P. Ryan
Mr. Bob Adney
Mr. Bud Worlitz
Glaucoma Consultants
of St. Louis
Mr. Joe Capra, DBR
Down Under Liquor & Tobacco
Mr. Clay Erickson
K&R Industries
IA St CNCL of Machinists
Ms. Amy Roosmann
MO St CNCL of Machinists
Mr. & Mrs. Rod Hoffman
MosaicsThe Purse Store
Ms. Fricki Buchheit
Bossanova Restaurant
& Lounge
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Musgrove
Red Lobster
Rib City
The Hive
Carol House Furniture
Pasta House Company
Whitewater Manufacturing
Industrial Combustion
Anheiser Busch
Game Monster
Branneky True Value Hardware
Olive Garden
Mr. & Mrs. Marty St. Peters
Festus Flower & Gift Shoppe
Swing-A-Round Fun Town
Amarillo Tex’s Steakhouse
& Saloon
Mr. Jared Haukap
IN St CNCL of Machinists
National Mutual Benefit
Fraternal Life Insurance Co.
The Bug Store
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Galloway
Down Under Liquor & Tobacco
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Eccardt
MillerCoors, LLC
Lowe’s Home Improvement
My Just Desserts
Auto Zone
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ballesteros
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Collins
Community Seed &
Feed Company
Greater Green Bay
Labor Council
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Gruber
Employees of DL 9
Pension Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Tetidrick
Mr. & Mrs. John Bryson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Conner
Mississippi Mud Pottery
Midwest States Cncl
of Machinists